Your Next DA

Sherry new headshot

I want to be your next DeKalb County District Attorney because your life matters to me.  Your safety matters to me. Our community matters to me.  Your future, and that of our beloved county, matters to me.  It is time for a New DAy in DeKalb County. I believe that begins with a new District Attorney.

The District Attorney has wide discretion over whom to prosecute and to what extent. Further, the District Attorney is the manager of a 12 million dollar office budget annually.  This means the person you elect should be fair, firm, and fiscally responsible. The person you elect should have a deep range of experience and perspective. The person you elect should operate with the highest level of ethics and professionalism.  Their character and actions must be beyond reproach.  The person you elect must be a symbol of hope and fairness to ensure that victims will always receive justice and defendants will be treated impartially.

I possess the necessary experience and perspective to lead our county to a New DAy. I have served in every role in the criminal justice system from defense attorney to judge to my current position as DeKalb’s Solicitor-General.  I am a proven leader who knows how to manage and prioritize resources, collaborate with stakeholders to achieve successful results and connect with the community. And, even more, I have the drive and commitment to make DeKalb County a safer and a better place for all of us to live, work and play.

This is our DeKalb and we can turn it around. It is for these reasons that I ask for your support and more importantly, your vote. Together, we can make a difference.  Together, we can work for a New DAy in DeKalb.